National White Alliance Defends Breitbart Writer Fired for Racist Comments

Katie McHugh (Twitter)

By Beverly Gates

The National White Alliance, a white nationalist organization, has come to the defense of Katie McHugh, a Breitbart writer who was fired for making racist comments about the London terrorist attack.

“What happened to the First Amendment?” asked Brian Blanc, National White Alliance president. “Katie was just saying London would be better if there were less brown people and more white people. What’s racist about that?”

Blanc also blamed the “fake media like CNN and the BBC” for making Breitbart appear racist. However, Breitbart billed itself as the home for the alt-right and regularly runs Islamophobic articles. It also features a section titled “Black Crime,” according to ThinkProgress.

BuzzFeed also reported other Breitbart fans lambasted the site and accused them of going soft. McHugh was also supported by the Twitter account associated with VDare, an organization dedicated to increasing the white population.

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