National White Alliance Says ‘Black Panther’ Promotes ‘Racist Fantasy’

By Rondell Pettus

The new “Black Panther” trailer has generally wowed the Internet, but not everyone is happy. White nationalist group, the National White Alliance criticized the movie for promoting a “black supremacist fantasy.”

“I criticize Marvel for putting out this racist movie,” said Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance. “In the trailer, I saw nothing but black people. And the one white person featured was the villain. Why are white people always portrayed as the bad guys?”

Blanc wasn’t the only one who criticized “Black Panther,” which doesn’t come out until 2018. According to the Grio, some critics bashed the movie poster which features star Chadwick Boseman sitting on a throne.

Critics said it looked too “militant” and similar to the iconic image of Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panthers. But Boseman is not carrying a weapon, and Newton has a gun in his image.

However, Black Twitter users were scathing in their response:

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