Jones: Cosby Mistrial Was Caused By Illuminati, Shape-Shifting Reptilians

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Piper Blackmun

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has weighed in on the recent Bill Cosby rape trial. The case was declared a mistrial, but Jones smelled a conspiracy behind it.

“Cosby is a member of the Illuminati and he probably had his buddies call in some favors,” said Jones on his show “InfoWars.” “I also have a source who says some of the jurors were replaced by shape-shifting aliens who voted in Cosby’s favor.”

Jones is still dealing with the aftermath of his NBC interview with Megyn Kelly. Kelly took him to task for his conspiratorial views, such as suggesting the Sandy Hook school shooting was a false flag operation staged by the government. Jones’ ex-wife Kelly said the interview made him look like a “moron,” according to the Huffington Post.

“He’s a fraud and a fake and I really think Megyn Kelly really showed that,” said Kelly Jones, according to “Inside Edition.” “She did a fantastic job of showing who Alex is and the hypocrite he is and the influence he has.”

Alex Jones recently lost custody of his children to his ex-wife.

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