Americans Say Bristol Palin’s Birth Control, Bernie Madoff More Trustworthy Than Trump

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)

By Billy Dane

President Donald Trump seems to be losing his battle with CNN. Although Trump has branded CNN, and other mainstream outlets “fake media,” a recent poll showed that CNN was more trusted than the president.

According to an Axios poll, 50 percent of adults trust CNN over Trump, who 43 percent said they trusted. However, the same poll indicated that 89 percent of Republicans said Trump was “trustworthy.”

The Business Standard News recently asked Americans if they trusted Trump. The answers were scathing.

“I’d rather have rather hit Bristol Palin raw, than trust Trump,” said Leroy Williams, a resident of Atlanta, who responded via email.

John Spencer of Austin, Texas also didn’t trust Trump.

“I’d rather give my 401K to Bernie Madoff than trust Trump,” said Spencer.

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