Some Trump Voters Disappointed He Favors the Rich, Hasn’t Eliminated BLM

Donald Trump supporters (Gage Skidmore)

By Mary Washington

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a 24-hour scandal machine. And it seems that cracks are appearing among his supporters.

According to a Yahoo Finance survey, 11 percent of Trump voters said they wouldn’t cast a ballot for him again. (The Yahoo survey polled 25,000 people and 85 percent of Trump voters still back him.)

A lot of Trump voters were frustrated and disappointed by his performance.

“He’s an embarrassment. I don’t know how else to say it,” says Cynthia Shearer, a retired counselor and parole agent from Norristown, Pa, according to Yahoo Finance. “All these bankers. He needed to hire people, like maybe economists, but not these rich billionaires who are just going to help themselves. I think he’s going to hurt the working and middle class. Look at the money he wants to spend on defense, while he wants to cut out the estate tax. Why should a rich billionaire not have to pay estate taxes when they’ve already gotten these big tax breaks?”

The Business Standard News also reached out to Trump voters to get their opinions. Frank Jeffries, a resident of Phoenix, Ariz., said he thought Trump would get the country running by making bold decisions, like he did on “The Apprentice.”

“But it seems like he doesn’t know how to run a government,” said Jeffries. “How many times did he try to get the Muslim ban through? And his healthcare bill looks to be failing. I also thought he would get rid of the Black Lives Matter terrorists, but they’re still here too.”

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