status Savage: Minn. Cop Who Shot White Woman Could Be ‘ISIS Sleeper’

Michael Savage (YouTube)

By Alan Gordon

Right-wing news outlets are trying to spin the recent shooting of Australian Justine Damond by Somali-American police officer Mohammed Noor into a racial incident.

Conservative radio show host Michael Savage suggested that Noor may have been a “sleeper ISIS agent” who infiltrated the police so he could kill Americans.

“For all we know he could have been sent here by his ISIS handlers and told to kill as many Americans as he could legally. The police is a great way to do that,” said Savage on his radio show, “The Savage Nation.”

Naturally, FOX News got into the race-baiting act. According to Media Matters, FOX News claimed it was the only network to report on Noor’s Somali background. Tucker Carlson also suggested the mainstream media was trying to cover up Noor’s ethnicity. However, this was mentioned 14 times by MSNBC and CNN.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann also spouted a wild, racist theory.

Bachmann claimed Noor shot Damond because of a “cultural divide.” She also said she was not afraid to be called racist, according to Raw Story.

However, Black Lives Matter, an organization that sprung up to protest police violence against African Americans, has decided to protest the Damond’s shooting.

“We’re going to be doing a rally on Friday in solidarity with Justine,” said Chauntyll Allen, leader of a local BLM chapter in an interview with Mic.

“It’s that time where that 99% of people need to get together and decide that lives need to matter. I’m not saying ‘All Lives Matter.’ I’m saying, ‘lives matter.’”

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