Jones: Robert Mueller is Reptilian, Part of One-World Government Cabal

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Blake Edmunds

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has launched an attack against special counsel Robert Mueller who’s investigating President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

“Mueller is not loyal to the president because he’s a reptilian shape shifter,” said Jones on his radio show “InfoWars.” “He is actually part of the liberal-Black Lives Matter-ISIS globalist alliance, which wants to establish one-world government. That’s why he wants to take down Trump.”

This is not the first time Jones has questioned the humanity of his opponents. He accused former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of being part of a child-murdering pedophile ring and smelling of rotten meat. He also accused NBC anchor Megyn Kelly of being “cold and robotic.”

According to Media Matters, several other right wingers have attacked Mueller and urged Trump to fire him. CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord said, “if the president chose to remove him, Trump ‘would have a huge political advantage.’”

Sean Hannity accused Mueller of being in league with the Democrats.

“Several outlets have reported that three key people on Mueller’s investigation team have actually donated to the Democrats. That’s why we, tonight, are calling for this special counsel to be shut down,” said Hannity.

Mueller, a former director of the FBI, is a Republican.

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