Robertson: Trump is Being Persecuted Like Jesus

Pat Robertson (YouTube)

By Piper Blackmun

Televangelist Pat Robertson has chastised the “liberal media” for their attacks against President Donald Trump. In an appearance on “The 700 Club,” he compared them to the Pharisees, a religious sect that persecuted Jesus.

“The satanic, fake media are just like the Pharisees, who opposed everything Jesus tried to do,” said Robertson. “But when you have a great man, who is trying to change the world like Trump is, then people will attack you.”

Trump is still receiving strong support from Evangelical Christians even though his White House has been marked by scandals and departures of several high-level staff such as the recently-fired Anthony Scaramucci.

According to Right-Wing Watch, Pastor Rick Joyner compared Trump’s leadership style to Jesus’. Joyner said Jesus “was the best leader there will ever be” and his apostles also fought among themselves.

“Why were they fighting? Because they are stallions! These are serious leaders. They’re the real thing and they’re going to jostle and they’re going to fight, they’re going to position themselves. Trump has chosen those type of people for this cabinet,” said Joyner.

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  • Jay

    Trump is much like Judas.

  • jimmy diamond

    Dear ,pat ,the God i know does not teach or preach, or get others to commit violence against God people, you and the other billionaires preachers needs to stop going against God and help feed and shelter his poor,stop buying billion dollars planes,cars,boats,vataction homes, get the devil out of you,start doing Gods work,,jim

  • Barb miller

    Jesus showed respect for humans even those who sinned Mr.Trump does not behave the way Jesus did money is his God and he doesnt care who he hurts to get it i say a prayer for him everyday in the hope that he begins to honor Jesus.