Bakker: Eclipse is God’s Punishment for Obama Years

Jim Bakker (YouTube)

By Piper Blackmun

Televangelist and survivalist Jim Bakker has blamed the impending solar eclipse on President Barack Obama.

“God came to me in a dream and said I should tell the world that I am plunging the world into darkness to remind people I’m still mad at the Obama years,” said Bakker on his online radio show. “Obama legalized witchcraft, sexual deviants getting married and schools started teaching transgenderism.”

Bakker said it would take eight years of Donald Trump for America to “get right with God.”

Bakker isn’t the only Evangelical Christian who is misinterpreting an astronomical phenomenon as a religious sign. Anne Graham Loetz, daughter of famed preacher Billy Graham, said the eclipse was a sign of impending doom. Franklin Graham, Loetz’s brother, has frequently accused President Barack Obama of being a Muslim.

“While no one can know for sure if judgment is coming on America, it does seem that God is signaling us about something. Time will tell what that something is,” said Loetz in a blog post.

Loetz, Bakker and other Evangelicals have been criticized for their failure to condemn President Donald Trump, even though he has sided with white supremacists over the Charlottesville terrorist attack.

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  • Ben Bass

    Where the hell (appropriate term since we’re talking “religious” issues, here, not pure hatred after all) do they find these dim, bible-thumping nitwits?

    • Glen Lawdog

      In Jim Bakker’s case, “they” found him after he was released from prison following a conviction for accounting fraud. Prior to that a sex scandal led to his resignation from his TV ministry. He later remarried and returned to televangelism. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Gar

      If brains were tnt this dim bulb wouldn’t have enough to blow an ant off a stump!

    • they are as crazy as Trump

  • SageM

    I love it! Every time these poor brain rotted people make their crazy comments a few more ppl say, “What the he’ll? And write them and their hateful, ignorant religion off.

    • I agree with you….except: He is hateful because he is ignorant. I am a Christian believer, but I am neither hateful nor ignorant. So, as a Christian, I feel it is my duty to pray for this man and the many like him who are so terribly and utterly wrong, and who may never have read the bible to understand it, but only to further their own agenda based on incomplete knowledge that was no doubt passed on to them in the same fashion. It is to pray to my God in heaven that I never EVER presume to know everything there is to know about everything in this world. I pray for peace and comfort for the sick and afflicted among us. I help in little ways if I can. And to be honest, sometimes I suck at it. But I’m only human.
      And we humans need to look around us and see all the other humans. We are both strong and frail. We are profound thinkers and blithering idiots. We are brilliant, and yet fools all, at one point or another. God is the judge He is in control. Whatever he is, in whatever capacity. What we think DOESN’T MATTER in the end. If that is true, I’m right. If I’m not, I have lived a very honorable life following my God. I am intensely angry about this man and men like him who make believers look like fools because he’s missed the entire point of what it means to be a follower of Christ. I would ask you to consider this before you stamp us all damaged goods and toss us aside. Those who really, REALLY get it; what it means to be a Christian? We’re on your side. Whoever you are.

  • What is this moron going to tell his followers in 2024 when we have the next solar eclipse?

    • Geo

      God will conveniently tell him that HE will bring it about in seven years too, just to show people how great HE is.

    • Myrtha R Santiago

      I was about to mention it, Nora… yet lunatics and fanatics will never end with their outrageous conceptions…

    • Paul

      There were solar eclipses before there were people and their invented gawds.

    • Paul

      Jim Bakker will be dead in 2024. His wife Lori likes coke and sex. Who will fuck Lori? Who’s fucking Lori now? Mondo maybe. I hope not, but she really does need fucked a lot.

    • BIll

      Hopefully…this dimwitted little freakazoid bastard wont be alive when the next one takes place in 2024….

    • Cristie Poole

      2019 actually, in south America for totality. 2024 is just the next time totality goes through the states again.

    • Charlotte

      Don’t you all remember Jim and Tammy Bakker? Mr. Bakker is an experienced liar. For years, through his TV show, The Breakfast Club, where he talked people into sending him money, lots of money. He is a fraud, a convict, a liar. How can anyone believe that BS. Eclipse is a science phenomena. It has been around way before Barrack Obama and has nothing to do with religion.

  • haahahhahhahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahaahaahahahahah :0

  • Wilma Salley

    We will keep finding these dim,bible-thumping nitwits as long as even dimmer bible-thumping nitwits keep sending them money!

  • jim

    Ok then, If the sun sets this evening, that is God saying he is unhappy with Trump.

  • Some people profess 2 love God and use the word of God for their own personal agendas. Stop the and learn how 2 participate in love. You preach a good but playing a winning game is better. God is not a God of color or prejudices only man and his ignorance for superiority and 💰…ijs

  • Why the fuck do these idiots exist? Do people actually believe the crap he spews? I’m fed up with religious rhetoric from numpties like this poisoning people’s minds. He is a radical Christian the world does not need!

    • Chris

      He’s not a christian in any sense of the word. He’s just another con artist tent preacher trying to scare his “followers”…who are really too dumb to know any better.

  • sdf

    stop quoting this asswipe

  • Pete Easton

    If anything its for the life you lived and told us differantly, kinda like Trump

  • Karl

    The scary thing is that a lot of morons will believe this fool.😱

  • Wendy

    For god’s sake, This man has absolutly no braincells. And if americans believe in This bull, then they have no braincells either. Thank god i am Canadian🤣

    • Paul

      Americans are called Americans because they are from North America. You know who else is Canadian Wendy?

    • God help us, is there room for me up there in Canada? Unbelievable stupidity. A Congressman from Idaho just posted a conspiracy theory that says Obama set up the Charlottesville protesters to make trump look bad. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • darleneq

      well mr canada. you know it rains upon the good and the bad, so …. don’t be so smug in canada … lol lol …

      o canada, how i miss you.

      yea, these numbskulls are just flying outta the woodwork to push their *god will prove this n that to you stuff* on us … foolish people, really … they get the *basket of deplorables,* love hillary, upset then all hell breaks loose ….

  • Ed

    The Lord came to me and said that he created solar Eclipses because he thinks there cool. Then he said “you can send money to Rev. Jim Bakker or flush it down the toilet. What goes down the toilet is the same as Bakker’s words and watching it swirl down the toilet is better use of your time”.

  • Jim Knowles-Tuell

    Having just gone through totality for 2:30 minutes (in Columbia, SC), I would say this: if this is punishment, I can’t imagine what a reward would be, because this was absolutely incredible and wondrous. If that means we have to elect Obama again to have this happen again, I say, “Bring it on!”

    • Kevin

      I miss Obama. And I’d rather pound my nuts flat with a wooden hammer than believe anything uttered by Bakker or Trump.

    • Marcos

      Perfect response, Jim! I traveled 100 miles to the northeastern corner of GA just to experience this “punishment”, and it was well worth it.

  • Jo

    He is enough to make me an atheist. I’m sick of all these people who think God talks to them. They all say he told them different things

  • Joe

    Nah. It’s punishment for electing Donnie Tweet.

  • Scarlett H. Billows

    First of all, it’s a SOLAR eclipse, Piper, not a lunar one. On the other hand, you have to believe in science to know the difference.

    • Shawn Schroeder

      THANK YOU!!!

  • Phil Higgie

    These people are batshit crazy thinking this is a sign from god get a life people

  • Myrtha R Santiago

    What would Joe say about this? ” pure horse manuture”!

    • Myrtha R Santiago

      Doesn’t anyone remember about all the shit about Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker? If you don’t just google the whole sorid mess he got into with his church business. Was caught hiding under a bed whimpering when they found him. I know he has a record of stealing from the church.

      • Gar

        Didn’t he get to spend some time in the pokey for his €|£€? Sins!

      • darlene

        dork served jail time for stealing from god’s church ….. uh, no, it was his church …

  • Stephen Strohm

    Does this fellow’s parents have any children with a brain? People are entitled to their religious beliefs but this just goes to prove that the whole god thing is a bunch of bullshit.

  • Oh,for Gods sake,stop This
    This is a beautiful and wonderful event to be enjoyed!! If you truly believe in God,and I do,unabashedly,then realize how magnanamous,how beautiful,how merciful God is to allow us to partake in this phenomenon! This miraculous occasion is a time ,not to tear down,BUT TO BUILDUP

  • Steve

    This is not the statement of a man of God, but one of Satan’s child.

  • emma

    nice to see that evangelicals still have no idea how science works.

  • Shawn Schroeder

    Jessica Hahn – enough said.

  • Big Joe

    Did the solar eclipse happened only in US? What about the other parts of the world it was seen. Is that also a rebuke to the governments of those areas? Come again.

  • Allan Weatherall

    So the 2024 one will be to show us all about the Trump years …

  • Wesley A Murry

    He’s an idiot and needs to be silenced along with Jerry Fallwell Jr. and Pat (dumb-ass) Robertson!

  • Dave John

    I Challenge Jim Bakker to show me just where in the Bible it says this. I have read it from cover to cover and no where does it indicate anything of that kind. The man is NOT a Christian at all.

  • Jacques Lafortune

    It was dark for a few minutes. Just like in the Dark Ages where people indeed believed that these kinds of natural phenomenae were signs of god(s). The Bakers and Grahams of this world perpetuate the same kind of bullshit to the uneducated, fearful and ignorant (be grateful that they are a minority) non-thinkers.

  • Lessa

    Such double standards….call out white supremacy but don’t mention antifa the communist group that belongs to BLM. I have news for them….they’re both wrong….white supremist and antifa. Lessa

  • Carmen


  • ton ton

    There needs to be a law about giving religitards like this any kind of public platform.

  • Mickey

    But…how is this lunatic not locked up in an institution? Why is he even on the radio—am I the only person who sees what evil, conniving motherfuckers these guys are? Is this guy any different from Jim Jones, or Manson or Marshall Applewhite? Coincidence that they are all wizened, bitter, and weasely old white men?


  • Rob

    This man should go back to school and learn the basics of how our galaxy works. Simple logical science, nothing more!

  • George Garpue

    I wonder God spoke to him too about the Charlottesville incidence telling him that He is pleased with what happened?

  • The fact that people like this exist in our country is a rolling testament to the fact that we really need to spend a lot more money on education. These arcane statements, devoid of all rational thought and scientific inquiry, can be easily dismissed offhand as nothing more than the ramblings of a fanatical snake oil peddlers if the target audience has even a basic understanding of the workings of our universe and our solar system. People will always have the right to say what they want to say, it’s time to empower the youth and people of our nation to think critically and be able to dismiss such hucksterism on their own.

  • LISA

    I seriously doubt that God came anywhere near Jim Bakker

  • Al Willmott

    How can something be a “punishment” when it’s something that happens every year on Earth and anyone can find the eclispe annual schedules.

    We knew when the eclipse was coming long before we knew President Obama was being voted in!

  • Ria


    What an idiot. Can’t stop laughing at this utter nonsense.

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  • Seussman

    Moronic evangelists getting rich on naive christians who will beleve anything told by these charlatans.

    • Mama T

      Have you ever thought about the day Christ went to the Cross? There was an Eclipse that day at 3pm the sky became dark. God is all powerful. Read the Word, for your self, and see the goodness of God.

  • Dr. AJ

    2 Corinthians 11:14
    Galatians 1:8-9
    Matthew 7:15
    Romans 16:18

  • dave

    moron, plain and simple…crawl back under your rock, you feeble-minded nitwit

  • Mark Bastian

    This man is a charlatan. He shouldn’t have ever returned to a church leadership position after being convicted of fraud, paying off of lovers while married and homosexual relationships. But undiscerning people with itching ears are always ready to be conned again.

  • Michael Crick

    Not only is Jim Bakker bat shit crazy, but he’s also not following the teachings of Christ.

  • Joe

    This story is outlandish, but reality is so strange nowadays it could be true.

  • Cheryl

    God said in troubled times his people will not able to see what is right. They will know his words but chose not to do the right things. If American falls apart it won’t be Obamas doing it’s going to be the person you put in power that was incapable of bringing a nation together that had division but he make it worse. A foundation that is broken will not stand. So I think those that feel certain groups don’t belong will try to force them out. People are taking a stand something your President won’t do because he’s more concern about himself. I will tell you this these hate groups won’t be able to do blacks and other people of color the way they did in the past. We are all created equal period.

  • Marc Barrett

    So God is “punishing” us for the Obama years with a truly spectacular, awe-inspiring, beyond description eclipse?


  • J.J.F Cricketeer

    Bakker must have a very low opinion of the Almighty God.

    If God was unhappy with Obama, He could easily have scheduled an eclipse during any of the Obama years. God wold not have needed to wait until Obama had been replaced by an orange buffoon to then make his late statement about Obama.

    Give God some credit, Jim. The eclipse was sent by God in 2017 over a country that is in garbage shape due to the government it has in 2017, not 2011 or some other random year.

    May God smite you for your disrespect.

  • Paul

    Sad.Sad Jim Baker is pathetic but I surmise he is entitled to his false and hypocritical doctrine and judgement. All will have to answer on the day of white throne judgment whether we like it or not, I just hope he comes to his true senses before he departs this earth.

  • Thomas G. Uram

    “Bakker said it would take eight years of Donald Trump for America to ‘get right with God.’”

    Interesting, since the next total solar eclipse that will be visible in the United States will occur on April 8, 2024, 6 years, 7 months and 20 days after last Monday’s. Not quit eight years. I wonder who God will be angry with then.

  • Oh, c’mon! We’d all have been disappointed if this pathetic old auto-proctologist hadn’t said something with his characteristic self-serving, sloppy superstition and stupidity.

  • Stephen Lovell

    I think “ministers” like he and Pat Robertson just say outlandish nonsense to draw ratings and keep themselves relevant. No truly educated person, even an educated person of faith, would buy such malarkey.

  • Daryl Harvey

    Sad……just sad……There is a special place in hell waiting on this blasphemer.

  • Rochelle

    Trump “sided with white sumpremacists”?! Beautiful piece of yellow journalism. While the rest of the article is frightening to say the least, you lost credibility when you manipulated facts to suit your agenda. While I don’t care for Trump, I don’t need to manipulate the facts to prove he’s a thoughtless narcissist. Show me the direct statement from Donald Trump where he believes whites are supreme and prove me wrong. I dare you.

  • Tommy

    Have we forgotten Bakker’s past and what a pig he is? He stole from his flock and he is a gay. He’s a giant piece of fraudulent shit.

  • Darryl E. Johnson Sr.

    If God were going to celestial events to indicate His displeasure in mankinds behavior (particularly in America), we would be in a perpetual state of a solar eclipse. There’s not One cultural or ethnic group that be immune to this pronouncement of His displeasure. Even when you take into account the things the Black community has suffered historically at the hands of the white majority, there are enough things we have done and continue to do to ourselves to earn this response from God. This interpretation of the reason for a solar eclipse is so short-sighted and pathetic – quit making the church a laughingstock with this type of nonsense!!!

  • Malcolm Gennis

    Praise Him on high. Obama was the antichrist and Trump is here to save us all, let us speak in tongues Abitichacadadabaraba Trump and Jesus will save us from the great black demon.

  • Genne Mikel

    You don’t teach trans genderism it is a scientifically supported condition that begins before birth as is homosexuality. As for eight years to get this hate filled biggoted country back to God, why would God want to do that when the entire theme of the bible is that this is Satans world and there is supposed to be a second coming? I wonder how stupid these men can be.

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  • Donna

    Sir, crack is wack. Put the pipe down and step away!

  • Dennis Tedder

    It’s physics you effing moron. They knew it was coming a couple of hundred years.

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  • Pam

    We as humans need to stop blaming God for bad things and blame our 3 enemies! God allowed it because mankind wanted it! These things have been happening for centuries. Mankind doing his in the CLOSET stuff! My momma use to say! ” What you do in the closet is going to come to light one day, watch what I tell you”. She was right again! Jim Bakker bye Felecia!

  • Marie

    Jim Baker convicted of embezzlement. He means nothing to real Christians. Hummm……and the eclipse was plotted sciencetifically over 30 years ago.

  • Norio Neki

    Jim Bskker is the devil.

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