Neo-Nazi Blames Jews, Obama When DNA Test Shows He’s Part Black

American Neonazis. (Brian Stansberry)

By Breanna Marcos

A neo-Nazi is fuming after he took a DNA test to prove his racial purity and the results showed he was part black.

“SnarkyP,” a St. Louis, Mo. resident, posted his angry message on Stormfront, a leading neo-Nazi site.

“I refuse to believe I’m 10 percent sub-Saharan African,” said SnarkyP. “I mean, I have good credit and hate fried chicken. Obama and the Jews must have fixed the results just to mess with us Aryan people.”

According to a VICE report, several Neo-nazis are facing the same issue as SnarkyP. VICE said that neo-Nazis on 8chan claimed that DNA companies, like 23andme, were deliberately fixing the results to perpetuate the myth that all humans originate from Africa.

Some neo-Nazis lose it when they realize they’re not 100 percent white.

“Always think I’m Swedish, Germanic and white as f**k… grow up to be a white nationalist, worshipping Hitler etc … grandparents get old and start doing family research … turns out I’m 25% ethnically Russian, 50% ethnically Finnish and 25% ethnically Sami … MY LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? DO I MOVE TO FINLAND?” said a poster on 4chan, according to VICE.

Some alt-righters don’t consider Finnish people to be white.

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