Stacey Dash Called the ‘Flavor Flav of Politics’

Stacey Dash

By Rondell Pettus

The Business Standard News decided to follow up on rumors about President Donald Trump’s plan to bring Stacey Dash onto his communication team. The responses were not positive. Most African Americans interviewed were not enamored with Dash, who has become infamous for her anti-black comments. In the past, Dash has called for the elimination of Black History Month and BET.

Dash recently took to Twitter to praise Trump, defend Confederate statues and brag about a visit to the White House.

Joe Tillis, a retiree from Dallas, Texas, expressed disdain at Dash.

“Stacey Dash?” he said. “Man, I would rather give my credit card number to Creflo Dollar than listen to her.”

Lionel Greene of Portland, Ore. was equally critical.

“Stacey Dash is the Flavor Flav of politics,” he said. “Steve Harvey has more credibility in the black community than she does.”

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