Jones: Trump Is Being Attacked By Reptilian Pheromones

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

The Trump administration has been marked by weekly public relations disasters and gaffes causing several people to question Presidential Donald Trump’s mental stability.

In an interview with Salon, Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Lance Dodes said Trump has several mental issues that make him a danger.

“You know, I have known lots of people like that, and none of them are as evil or dangerous as Donald Trump because they do not have the sociopathy part. They may be oriented towards themselves, they may be self-centered, they may care mostly about themselves,” said Dodes. “But when it comes right down to it, they have some compassion; they have a conscience. But not Donald Trump. That is the malignant part. So yes, you want to say he is narcissistic personality, yes. Malignant narcissism? Yes. Sociopathy? Yes. Antisocial personality? Yes. Paranoia? Absolutely. He is quite paranoid, but again, if you look at it from underneath, it all fits together.”

Former Trump campaign operative Roger Stone has publicly suggested that the president might be being drugged by someone in his camp.

“He is slurring his words on various times, and that’s what’s concerning,” said Stone on the Alex Jones show. “Let’s be very clear: I have a source at The New York Times, a reporter who expressed to me a concern that in a conversation they had on the phone with the president that he was slurring his words.”

Jones said past presidents such as Ronald Reagan had been slowly drugged, but he also suggested an alternative, more conspiratorial theory.

“Trump has such as strong constitution that I don’t think regular drugs work,” said Jones. “I think that one of the reptilian shape shifters must have infiltrated the White House and is releasing pheromones that are affecting his behavior. The females have glands that that can release chemicals that seduce and control men.Trump’s fighting that, that’s why he’s slurring his words.”

However, firefighter-turned-prophet Mark Taylor claimed Trump’s DNA might be under attack by the Illuminati.

“The Illuminati, the Freemasons, all these people, their main goal is to change the DNA of man and they’re doing it through these frequencies.” said Taylor.

According to Right Wing Watch, Taylor claimed the Illuminati-controlled media is changing people’s DNA by broadcasting at 440 Hz.

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