Robertson: Prayer Warriors Can Help End Afghanistan Conflict

Pat Robertson

By Michael Houltt

In spite of being a thrice married, former casino owner with an ex-nude model wife, President Donald Trump has been heavily backed by Evangelical Christians. And as the Pentagon gears up to send 3,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, televangelist Pat Robertson has suggested the military enlist spiritual warriors.

“I think the military should create a division of prayer warriors,” said Pat Robertson on “The 700 Club.” “If they would dedicate a group of men of God to pray over a map of Afghanistan, the war would be over in a few weeks.”

Robertson is referring to a practice called spirit mapping where Evangelicals pray over a map to drive out evil spirits. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin claimed to have prayer warriors working on her behalf.

Frank Amedia, a member of POTUS Shield a group of prayer warriors who pray over Trump, claims spiritual warfare helped remove National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Amedia said Flynn was giving Trump bad advice about Israel.

“POTUS Shield’s leaders view politics as spiritual warfare, part of a great struggle between good and evil that is taking place continuously in ‘the heavenlies’ and here on earth, where the righteous contend with demonic spirits that control people, institutions and geographic regions. They believe that Trump’s election has given the church in America an opportunity to spark a spiritual Great Awakening that will engulf the nation and world,” said Right Wing Watch’s Peter Montgomery.

According to Right Wing Watch, preacher Lance Wallnau thinks Trump is under the protection of God and that’s why his Florida properties were protected from Hurricane Irma.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, I believe our prayers, along with everybody else’s, did influence the direction of the hurricane,” said Wallnau in a YouTube video. “…of course nothing happened to Donald Trump’s property, that was a demonic storm … The Lord didn’t send it, the devil is losing chaos in America.”

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