Nugent: I Would Put Muslims in Camps, Make Them Pass BLT Sandwich Test

Ted Nugent

By Alan Gordon

Right-wing rock star Ted Nugent has come out in support of crackpot Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore. Moore, who is the GOP candidate for the Alabama Senate seat, is infamous for his outlandish view, especially on religion.

Moore is an Evangelical Christian who seems to want to make America a theocracy. Moore has called homosexuality a crime against nature and God. He also doesn’t believe other religions, such as Islam, are valid. In the past, he called allowing Muslims to serve in the military a threat to the nation.

“A great danger to our country exists when government offices and institutions are opened to Islamic influence,” said Moore in a 2006 World Net Daily editorial.

But Nugent says that’s not far enough.

“I would go even further,” said Nugent. “I would round them up in detention camps and offer them a BLT sandwich. If they didn’t eat it, they would be deported.” (Islam restricts is adherents from eating pork.)

Nugent is known for his outlandish views. Like Moore, Nugent was a birther. He has also advocated for the hunting and killing of undocumented immigrants.

Several other Republicans are rallying behind Moore, in spite of his extremist views.

“People like Donald Trump, and people like Roy Moore, and they don’t feel they have to choose between the two,” said GOP pollster Brent Buchanan in a Los Angeles Times article. “They are bold and brash, and people prefer that over polished politicians right now. And they know where those guys stand.”

Former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin also stumped for Moore last week.

“They’re whispering, ‘Don’t build a wall.’ But you all in Alabama know that trick plays, they may razzle dazzle, but it is the time-tested fundamentals — like an impenetrable defense and a sound running game — that’s what wins championships,” said Palin, according to

“Roy Moore, he knows the fundamentals, he has the fundamentals,” said Palin. She also added that Moore believes in “no illegal immigration, no bad trade deals [and] importance of God.”

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