Stacey Dash Invited to Speak At Alt-Right Conference

Stacey Dash

By Breanna Marcos

Failed-actress-turned-conservative pundit Stacey Dash has been invited to speak at an alt-right convention. The conference, titled “Make America Right Again,’ is being organized by the National White Alliance.

“Stacey might be black, but she’s one of the good ones,” said National White Alliance President Brian Blanc. “She supports our anti-immigrant agenda and she believes in maintaining America’s current racial makeup.”

Dash’s invitation to an alt-right event is not surprising. Alt-right poster boy Richard Spencer once dated an Asian woman and the infamous Charlottesville, N.C. march included a protestor of Puerto Rican descent who sided with the neo-Nazis.

Dash was recently embarrassed when talk show host Chelsea Handler labeled her a “black white supremacist.” Handler said black white supremacists think white people are better than them. She also included Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson in that category.

Dash has become infamous for her anti-black statements. She has bashed Black Entertainment Television and called for the elimination of Black History Month.

However, Dash was irked by Handler’s comments.

“How dare you assume I think White people are better than me or anyone that has my skin color?” she wrote. “I expect that kind of trolling from ignorant social media comments; not from a supposedly sophisticated and enlightened comedienne and author.”

However, black conservatives have a nasty habit of repeating many of the thinly-veiled racist comments made by white conservatives. The GOP recently trotted out S.C. Sen. Tim Scott to support President Donald Trump’s tax plan. Scott appeared in a video holding up a piece of paper with the slogan #keepyomoney.

A ThinkProgress article accused Scott of shucking and jiving.

“So when Scott speaks in jive — street vernacular popularly imagined to be common among black folks — to support the president’s tax plan, he’s not really sending a message to poor, working-class or black Americans. No, he’s playfully entertaining wealthy white folks who stand to benefit the most from Trump’s plan,” said ThinkProgress writer Sam Fulwood III. “For Scott to peddle the GOP tax reform package with a minstrel’s zeal betrays a pandering attitude toward an administration that has gone out of its way to demonstrate contempt for black Americans.”

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