Stormfront Claims There’s Video of Malia Obama Burning the Flag, Swearing on Quran

President Barack Obama and his daughter Malia (Pete Sousa)

By Alan Gordon

Even after a year out of the White House anger at the Obama family still rages on the right. Posters on white supremacist site Stormfront claim there is a video tape of former first daughter Malia Obama burning the American flag and swearing allegiance to the Koran.

“I believe the tape is out there,” said a poster called Ragnarok70. “She’s a Muzzie just like her gay father, Obumber.”

Malia Obama has been targeted by some right-wing sites for taking part in activities that most college students do. The Daily Caller recently ran a story about Malia Obama’s youthful escapades and tried to tie her to recent scandals.

“Malia was filmed in a series of interesting circumstances at the music festival Lollapalooza in April,” said Benny Johnson. “Her 2016 internship for now infamous sexual predator Harvey Weinstein’s company also made headlines in the midst of the movie mogul’s downfall.

In recent days, TMZ have reported on Malia allegedly smoking and making out with a coed at the Harvard – Yale football game.”

Posters on the Daily Caller also raged against Malia Obama.

“Two partners who both have a penis can’t biologically produce offspring,” said a poster called sbut01.

“She’ll be pregnant in no time and will have her first abortion, to the cheers of millions, but mostly because she won’t know who the father is. Maury Show appearances ‘Ten Times. You are not the Father!’ Then after countless appearances, they realize that it’s the Mother who is the Father,” said a poster called Brarenda.

However, Mediaite criticized the article.

“While the Daily Caller post is careful to not cast any specific judgment, the video of President Barack Obama’s daughter is presented in a manner that passive-aggressively suggests guilt, despite her being a relatively normal 19-year-old college freshman at the green pastures of Harvard University,” said Colby Hall.

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