Bakker: Trump Met Stormy Daniels to Pray With Her

Jim Bakker (Twitter)

By Piper Blackmun

Like many Evangelical Christians, televangelist Jim Bakker has continued to defend President Donald Trump and his scandal-ridden administration.

Bakker has downplayed the recent scandal involving White House staff secretary Rob Porter. Porter resigned last week after two of his ex-wives came forward with charges of spousal abuse.

Like Trump, Bakker doubted the women’s testimonies and accused them of being “lying Jezebels” who “didn’t know their place.”

He also questioned the allegations of Trump’s sexual liaison with porn star Stormy Daniels. Daniels was paid more than $140,000 for her silence by the Trump campaign. After a recent whirlwind media storm, Daniels recanted her accusation, even though she had previously sold her story to a tabloid.

“Daniels is a low-class type of woman, look at what she does for a living?” said Bakker on his show. “Trump probably wanted to pray with her and she made the story up.”

However, some Evangelicals are deeply troubled by their fellow Christians’ slavish devotion to Trump.

Dana Hall McCain, a columnist with, said too many Evangelicals cared more about being in line with the GOP than Jesus Christ.

“We don’t do the hard work of bringing that party to heel regarding the values of Christ, we’re no longer leading. We are being led. Such is the relationship between Evangelicals and the GOP,” said McCain. “We don’t bring our weight to bear in the party for causes like DACA, because we’re prone to embrace and hold up as immutable truth the party talking points on immigration, even when they are at odds with the words of Christ.”

Former Evangelical Frank Schaeffer also blasted Christians who support Trump. During an appearance on “AM Joy,” he branded them as failed Christians.

“Speaking as someone who knows something about Christianity, if you take the God of the Bible seriously, if God had wanted to send a test to American evangelicals — especially the white evangelical supporters of Trump which would test their faithfulness — nothing could have shown them up to have failed more than this lust for power that goes along with anything,” said Schaeffer.

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  • The Fixer

    Some women “didn’t know their place” ?? This Bakker is a sexist pig! Women’s place is 100% equal to men. Gender difference is irrelevant to social and legal equality. How did Bakker ever get back into the god business after his convictions from the airconditioned dog kennel days?

  • yumtacos




    • Arthur Jackson

      I couldn’t have said it better myself!