Jones Claims Flint Water Crisis is a False Flag Operation

Flint residents line up to received bottled water.
Flint residents line up to received bottled water.

By Alan Gordon

Radio show host Alex Jones never met a conspiracy he didn’t like. Jones now believes that the Flint water crisis was a false flag operation designed to give the government an excuse to declare martial law.

Flint has been dealing with a man-made disaster as residents complained of brown and discoloured water when the town’s water source was switched to the polluted Flint River. But Jones thinks there was something more nefarious at work.

“The dirty water is just an excuse to allow the government to declare martial law and seize our guns,” said Jones on his radio show. “It was a joint CIA-FBI operation to have agents come in and secretly put harmless dye in the water.”

Jones also believes the recent Orlando nightclub attack was a false flag operation. He incorrectly claimed shooter Omar Mateen was an immigrant, even though he was born in the U.S.

“Our government and the governments of Europe allowed these huge hoards of radical jihadis in, and even allowed them in without vetting them on record, landing in airports and not even checking their passports, IDs or visas,” said Jones, according to Right Wing Watch. “Our governments are bringing these people in and they’re allowing them to operate in our society, so they can attack us and then have our freedoms taken.”

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