Alex Jones Brags About Advising Trump, Warns Him of Reptilian Aliens

Alex Jones (YouTube)
Alex Jones (YouTube)

By H. Peter Johnson

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has bragged about advising Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I warned Mr. Trump to be careful of shape-shifting reptilian aliens trying to infiltrate his campaign,” said Jones on his radio show “Info Wars.” “I believe that many of Hillary Clinton’s health problems are down to the fact that her reptilian DNA is having a hard time adapting to our environment.”

The reptilian alien conspiracy is just one of several bizarre ideas that Jones believes in. He also believes the government was involved with 9/11, orange juice is being spiked with chemicals to turn men gay and mass shootings are staged by “crisis actors” to justify anti-gun legislation.

According to the Huffington Post, Jones also thinks the November election will be rigged.

“Homeland Security was gonna go in and probably bring in U.N. observers to make sure illegals could vote and change the debate away from election fraud to retail voter fraud, which is individuals cheating, rather than the computers being hacked,” he said.

Trump and Roger Stone, a Republican campaign operative, have been guests on “Info Wars.”

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