Fortune 100 CEOs Are Not Trump Fans

Donald Trump (VOA)
Donald Trump (VOA)

By H. Peter Johnson

Business leaders are not rallying around Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. One of Trump’s selling points is that he is a successful businessman who can turn the country around.

However, several Fortune 100 CEOs are not enthusiastic about Trump, whose business record has been marked with hundreds of lawsuits, failed companies and several bankruptcies. He is currently facing a lawsuit over his Trump University venture, which is now defunct. Trump U has been accused of defrauding students and was not an accredited college.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Trump campaign has not received any donations from CEOs of Fortune 100 companies. Eleven CEOs have donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The Business Standard News reached out to several CEOs to ask them to comment on Trump, and their responses were scathing.

“Trump could lose money running a brothel in Thailand,” said a tech CEO, who wanted to remain anonymous. “I’d rather hire Carly Fiorina.”

A CEO of a major grocery line was equally as dismissive.

“I wouldn’t trust him to run a hot dog cart on the streets of New York,” he said.

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