Savage Blames Russian Hacking Story on Muslim Sleeper Agents in the CIA

Michael Savage (WND)

By Michael Hoult

Right-wing radio show host Michael Savage has blamed the CIA report linking President-elect Donald Trump to Russian hackers on Muslim sleeper agents in the intelligence community.

“Right now we are at war with ISIS, so it’s not surprising they would try to strike back by infiltrating the CIA and producing false reports,” said Savage on his radio show “The Savage Nation.” “They want to prevent the United States from teaming up with Russia to fight them in Syria.”

There has been a long-standing conspiracy theory about Muslim agents penetrating the U.S. government. Huma Abedin, an aide to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has frequently been accused of being an agent for the Muslim Brotherhood by Trump supporters Frank Gaffney and former Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Even though the investigation into state-sponsored hacking of the 2016 election continues to gather steam, some Republicans continue to steadfastly keep their heads in the sand. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said the Obama administration could have hacked the DNC, while Trump has said it could have been the Chinese.

However, Savage isn’t the only conservative commentator who doubts the Russian hacker story.
Radio show host Rush Limbaugh declared the Russian hacker story to be “fake news.”

“This whole business of Russia hacking our election is fake news with the imprimatur of intelligence agencies and the CIA, and it’s brought to us by the same newspapers that took out, tried to take out Richard Nixon,” said Limbaugh.

However, 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian hackers tried to sway the election for Trump.

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