Alt-Right Claims Idris Elba As James Bond Would Be ‘White Genocide’

Idris Elba (UK Department for International Development)

By Jamal Whiteman

Superspy James Bond has battled Russians, megalomaniacal villains and terrorists over his 60-year career, but the alt-right thinks that he has fallen victim to a new, more insidious enemy — white genocide.

Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance, claims that rumors of Idris Elba replacing Daniel Craig are just another sign of white men being systematically eliminated.

“James Bond has always been looked as a Western hero, but now the left are trying to replace him,” said Blanc in a press release. “First he has to take orders from a woman and now an immigrant is taking his job.”

However, Elba is a native of Britain whose parents are African.

But Blanc is not alone in his resistance to casting Elba as 007. Former 007 Roger Moore also criticized the idea of a black Bond.

“Although James has been played by a Scot, a Welshman, an Irishman, I think he should be English-English. It is nevertheless an interesting idea, but unrealistic,” said Moore in an interview with Paris Match.

However, the role of Bond was once played by George Lazenby, who is Australian.

All-American bigot Rush Limbaugh also criticized the idea of a black James Bond.

“James Bond is a total concept put together by [author] Ian Fleming,” said Limbaugh in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “He was white and Scottish. Period. That is who James Bond is, was. But now [they are] suggesting that the next James Bond should be Idris Elba, a black Briton, rather than a white from Scotland. But that’s not who James Bond is, and I know it’s racist to probably point this out.”

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